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Don't make a mistake by purchasing the wrong product! At ECS we can help you select the right camera for your security and surveillance needs. We are familiar with each product and can work with you to make sure that you have the right product for your application.

The first step in product selection is to decide exactly what you are interested in monitoring, and how you want to monitor. Call us today for an on site customer survey to determine your needs. We then provide you with a list of products and services you need for to monitor your site. We are fully qualified to provide the products, installation, and service for your IP surveillance needs..

From a very simple one camera setup to a complete company security monitoring system. We can design and setup a system that fits your needs and remain within your budget.

ECS supports DLink network camera's and software. If you have purchased a D-Link camera and have found that setting it up is a bit more than you have anticipated we can help. We fully support all of D-Link's camera's and are experienced in the setup and use of the camera hardware and software. When you need assistance setting up your DLink network camera think of ECS, call today and save your time and frustration.

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