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What network (IP) cameras have done for video surveillance is bring YOU very expensive features for a very low cost. For example, at just over $100.00 you can monitor your business or house from any internet connected device!

Imagine the peace of mind knowing that you can always "drop in" on things to see how the business is going. Systems can be setup to send an alert email to your inbox or your phone.

In the past traditional video surveillance used cameras that required a type of wire called coax (cable tv wire). If you needed to have sound monitored as well that required more wires. And if you have a nice pan tilt and zoom camera you needed more wires to control the motion. All of these cables and wires have to come back to the recording and control device in a giant bundle.

The new digital cameras use a traditional computer network interface and wiring to achieve all of this and more. Even the camera power is available on standard network wiring. Since we are using standard network signals all of the wireless options are available as well. The recording device (NVR or Network Video Recorder) only requires one cable to access all of the cameras on the network. The video from the cameras can be made available to any computer on the network and across the internet. From you computer, or mobile device your camera surveillance system is accessible.

From a very simple one camera setup to a complete company security monitoring system. Electronic and Computer Specialties can design and setup a system that fits your needs and your budget.

ECS supports DLink network cameras and software. If you have purchased a D-Link camera and have found that setting it up is a bit more than you have anticipated we can help. We fully support all of D-Link's cameras and are experienced in the setup and use of the camera hardware and software. When you need assistance setting up your DLink network camera think of ECS, call today and save your time and frustration.


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