Outlook 2016 password will not change

Today's frustration was brought to you by Microsoft and their flagship email client Outlook version 2016. I have a customer with a hosted exchange email account and the customer wanted to change her email password. Since everyone in the IT industry is chiming the mantra of password changing, about how this is best practice blah blah blah. Since we all agree on this my customer's password change ought to be a no brainer, any user should be able to do this. Right?

When I got the call from the customer I was instantly annoyed to be asked such a trivial question. She had changed the password on her exchange mailbox via the web login and wanted to update her desktop outlook to the new password. I was a bit abrupt as I told her to go to the File / Accounts then choose to edit the account, sheesh - how tough can it be. She called back awhile later saying she gave up and can I connect to her system and help. Piece of cake eh?

So I remote it, open outlook and it asks for the new password. I enter and click remember the password. It bounces back immediatly like the password is wrong, it isn't. I try again, and no change. So I go to file and accounts then edit the account. It doesn't display the account settings like when you are doing a pop or IMAP account. This customer is on hosted exchange. I tried the advanced settings, properties of the data file, nothing. By this time I am feeling very frustrated. I go the the control panel and the mail app. nothing that helped there either. I found a whole bunch of worthless articles about how tho change the password but they all showed how to go into file / accounts and edit, they promised everything would be there, it isn't! I now call my secret weapon, my email provider who has practically unlimited tech support resources. She has me doing the same things that I just tried and nothing is working.

Finally she has me open the windows Credential Manager, click on search and type in credential manager - you'll find it. She said that this is where credentials are stored and sometimes you need to clear this first, then try to change the password. Sounded like a bunch of crap but I dont't have any other options so what the heck. I open credential manager and there is a section called other items that show my customers email address. My support person tells me to click the dropdown to the right of the entry and click remove. There are two entries that have her email on the line and I removed both. I then go beck onto Outlook and it asks for the password again. This time I enter the password, click save and the dang thing saved!

Incidentally, the computer was a Windows 7 pro 64 bit operating system. While working on this article on my Windows 10 computer I tried to search fo rthe credential manager, it found it and I clicked it and opened up a dialog box saying that it couldn't find it, another quick thank you to Microsoft and I check to see if credential manager is gone in Windows 10. Nope, right click on the windows icon, the start button, and select the control panel, Right there you will find the credential manager click to open.

Don't have outlook open when you clear the credentials. Another fun thing that kept happening during this exercise is that each time I tried to save the password it kept sending the wrong info to the hosted exchange account that has system lock out in place should you try ten times to get in with the wrong password. I must have locked the account 20 times while trying to do a simple password change. Make sure you have access to the account so that you can unlock yourself while doing this.

I hope this helps some other poor tech like me get the job done faster.

Oh, if you don't know what the registry is or all the horrible things you can do when you get there - HIRE A RESPONSIBLE TECH.

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