Dlink DViewCam admin user password hack

I was working on a surviellance system that was using DViewcam and I wasn't able to get into the system due to the fact that I didn't have a password for the admin user, or any other user that might exist. A quick internet search took me to a site where people were answering this question, or actually a similar one. The question was about how to reset the admin user account since they didn't have the password for that account.

For me, your results may vary, the answer I found was a registry setting for the admin user and the advice was to delete the User00 account. Sounded easy enough, delete the entire user and when you start the DViewcam program it goes into a "create new user" mode. So I go into this registry key for user00 and notice that there are several values in there, one of them is called password. I select this key and delete the value, not the key, the value stored in the password key. Click ok and now my admin user no longer has a password at all and I don't have to recreate the admin user, I didn't want to do that anyway, just get rid of the password. I also noticed that the user00 showed that the name of this account was admin.

I didn't test it but I'll bet that each user you create will be another registry key like user01, user02 and so on. So maybe you need to clear the password for another user in the system. Go to the userXX registry key, find the name associated with that and clear the value for password.

Registry key where I found it.


Just go there and look at it, you'll figure it out.

I hope this helps some other poor tech like me get the job done faster.

Oh, if you don't know what the registry is or all the horrible things you can do when you get there - HIRE A RESPONSIBLE TECH.

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