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Individual Website Design Services

Page Development Services  
HTML page development per hour $95.00
ASP page development per hour $95.00

ASP Products  
Feedback form (up to 15 fields) $175.00
Feedback with data logging $250.00
Feedback form with database integration $375.00
Calendar page (user manageable) $250.00
Calendar page with feedback $350.00
Calendar page with feedback/classes/instructors $950.00
Random image (per page) $150.00
Daily message (user manageable) $150.00
Visitor subscription page (requires autoresponder account) $950.00
Visitor Login to special area (includes management) $250.00
Products catalog (includes products, three category lists, image support, management) $1750.00
Shopping cart $750.00
Cart checkout $750.00
Merchant account interface (required paypal account) $95.00

Website Services  
Website planning service $995.00
Keyword planning service $795.00
Website promotion service $495.00
Website update service monthly (one new page or three changes or promotion) $300.00

Imaging Services  
Digital photography per hour $95.00
Photo scanning $95.00
Image editing $95.00
Image Optimization per image 400 minimum $0.25
Thumbnail creation per image 400min $0.25

Special Development  
Video streaming object development per hour $95.00
Database development per hour $95.00
Database data entry per hour $65.00
Video editing per hour $95.00

Audio Development  
Wave files per hour $95.00
MIDI files per hour $95.00

All services that require travel time will be billed at full rate from the departure of ECS office to site where work is to be done and from the site back to ECS office. All services have a one hour minimum and are billed in quarter hour increments thereafter.


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