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  A Website is essentially a marketing tool. A Website that has been designed without a carefully laid out marketing plan to follow will not yield the results that are possible with a plan. Don't be fooled into thinking that the Internet is different than any other business promotion activity. A Website is not, nor should not be, a simple accumulation of information placed on electronic pages. Like building a house there needs to be a carefully drawn out set of plans that have been agreed upon and checked for function, accuracy and aesthetics. This planning process begins before the first nail is ever driven in. The Website needs a similar set of plans to ensure that the development process goes smoothly and has the maximum impact. Like the house example the plans may change as site development begins and the original plan is modified to fit a newly discovered issue.

  Electronic and Computer Specialties introduces our Website planning services. This service is designed to create the plan for Website development. A business expert will conduct an in-depth interview on your Website concept and help to formulate very specific "measurements" from which the site will be designed. This service is also ideal for those who already have a Website that was designed and built without a plan and is not getting the desired performance from the site.

  The interview process consists of a preliminary interview regarding your business. This is followed up with an extensive Internet market research to identify items discovered during the initial interview. The information is then compiled and presented for final review and approval. The completed document becomes the Website purpose blueprint.

  Only when the purpose of the Website has been determined can the appropriately relevant style be decided upon. From there the appropriate content can be developed that meets with the purpose and style. Everything needs to be constructed building upon previous planning and construction. The result is a Website that is significantly more likely to get the desired results. Remember that a Website is a marketing process and with any marketing venture there needs to be a careful plan designed before the building process begins!

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