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Developing a Website

What is website developementOnce you have a domain name, have a basic plan in mind, a place to put your creation, it's time to actually start the creation process. If you want to do this yourself you need to learn how. Take a class, read a book or hire someone to help you do it. This is a very involved process that is best left to the extremely committed. Consider hiring someone and spend your time running your business.

There are also low cost website developers, buyer beware. Many people purchase a website development program and let it ask them a few questions and presto, a website exists. The problem with this method is that the website will look like it came out of a copy machine. Standard look, and feel, standard colors, standard clipart images. Your business is unique and you want your presentation to be also.

Either learn how to do it yourself or have someone with references do it for you!

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