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Let us help you with your web site  The Internet is an information transfer medium. Unlike previous mediums that have been available to businesses the Internet is bi-directional. In the past information was presented to users but was not able to interact with the user. The Internet not only sends information out, but can take information back. It can also take instructions from the information recipient. Information can be linked from place to another to help further information dissemination without duplication.

  At the most basic level a web site is comprised of one or more electronic pages written in a language called hyper text markup language (HTML). When you look at an electronic page on the Internet you are using a program that is generically known as a "browser". To further enhance the capabilities of electronic pages HTML has evolved and new capabilities have been added to the language. In addition to the new capabilities added to HTML the browsers have evolved and new capabilities have been added. Browsers also have been built such that new capabilities can be added by an entirely different company. Internet server technologies have also developed and their capabilities continues to expand.

  With all of this growth and improvement the basic text only web site has given way to a new class of web site that includes pages with pictures, animated images, video, database integration, and more. Electronic and Computer Specialties provides a variety of Internet design services. We hope our price list will help prospective clients get a feel for the services and cost an on-line presence might make for their business. Because some Website's may involve more or less complexity, our site design pricing tiers are intended to be a starting point for negotiations. All Website's are unique, and require different resources and skills.

  A Website is a marketing tool for a business. As such it is very important that the web site is designed according to a well developed plan. A Website development plan is similar in importance to a business plan. ECS offers a Website planning service to assist the client in getting the most from their Internet investment. Whether you choose to have ECS assist in the planning or you do it yourself, do not omit this crucial step.

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