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I’m having a problem; can you help me?

The resounding answer is, absolutely we can – tell me more about what is going on. The next thing that happens is an explanation of the issue, whatever it is. The story starts out simple enough, my “something” isn’t working. It could be their email, internet connection, phones, WiFi, backup – something. Virtually every single one of these requests come from someone who has selected to purchase a product or service from someone other than our company and now have discovered that there is NO service or support from that provider. Maybe you were enticed by what appeared to be a great price at the local club or office store. Maybe you inherited your problem from a previous relationship, many possibilities are possible.

On the surface this sounds rather straight forward, customer has a problem, we fix the problem – easy right? Unfortunately, this “easy appearing” gets really complicated as we dig in to the details of the situation.
Let’s use an analogy of another business, the restaurant industry. If you walk in and announce that you have a problem – “you are hungry, can they fix the problem?” the answer is the “absolutely we can” response. But if you then mention that you have brought all your own ingredients, and cooking utensils, and by the way all the ingredients have expired – NOW can you help me? Imagine the response.

Let’s use another example. You go to the doctor and say “I’m having a problem; can you help me” and then mention that you expect the doctor to use your instruments, your staff, your drugs, and your instructions. Still think they would take the job?

How about an automotive repair facility and you walk in with a broken car and a box full of broken parts to be sorted through and ask if they will use your garbage parts to fix the car and then expect the same results as if they had used their new parts, tools, and methods. Doesn’t really sound reasonable, does it?

Back to your pressing computer technology issue, we spend an incredible amount of time researching the market to find the best in class products and services. We then have become experts with those products and use them ourselves. By limiting our support to only those products and services that we sell we are able to provide the best experience and provide cost effective support to our customers.

If you find that you are stuck with a failing or unreliable product or service we will be happy to replace it with our supported products, however if you must use the product causing you problems we encourage you to return to the vendor where you purchased for their support. When you have grown weary of this and have decided that you would rather things work than be frustrated give us a call, we will be happy to get you on a regular support program.




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